Friday, September 2, 2011

Yellow Tang Size

Yellow tangs attain lengths of up to 8 inches, Fairly giant fish.
They absolutely need a a hundred gallon tank if you method on preserving them until eventually adulthood but anything like a 150 gallon or much larger would be much better.

As they are seriously collected, there will be periods when small specimens as small-scale as two inches are attainable.
Resist the temptation to acquire these juveniles if you have a tank more compact than the minimum requirement stated previously mentioned.
They will outgrow anything like a 50 gallon with ease.

Yellow tangs aren't shy by any means that, in inescapable fact they are an "open" swimming species that need a ton of swimming room. Every last evening they will discover a spot to bed down in so make certain is adequate live rock to deliver such shelters.

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