Friday, September 2, 2011

Yellow tang Overview

Scientific Name: Zebrasoma flavescens (Bennett, 1828).
Other Frequent Names: Yellow Surgeonfish, Yellow Hawaiian Tang.


Even while this species is thought to be endemic to Hawaiian waters, its distribution extends from the Hawaiian region, as well as Johnston Island, westward by means of the northern Marshall Islands to Wake, Marcus, Guam, and other Marianas Islands.

The Yellow Tang has Yellow oval entire body with a nocturnal horizontal white stripe.
Maximum Size: To 8".

Features & Compatibility:

The habitat of this fish is from within the reef out to depths of 100 ft or added. The larger specimens seem to be to stay in the shallow waters in the vicinity of the reef, even when the juveniles ordinarily prefer the deeper waters where finger corals are existing.

In common this fish does get along very well with other fishes in an aquarium, but it can be aggressive towards other "Yellows" and "Surgeonfshes" if they are not launched into the aquarium at the same exact time. If your tank dimensions will make it easy for you to encompass many of these fish, you will be entertained by their lazy "stick to the leader" designs in and by using live rock preparations.

Eating routine & Feeding:

Yellow Tang is a herbivore, grazing on alga and other plant living. It is finest stored in an aquarium that has extremely good algae expansion, where by in turn they generate their retain by assisting to retain the algae growth cropped. It will feed on Nori (dried or roasted seaweed), other green vegetable matter and vitamin enriched flakes, but may well nibble at dried shrimp and other meaty fares as perfectly. By using a lettuce clip or inserting the Nori below a rock or piece of coral. This mimics its all-natural feeding routines. In the wild its way of life is an individual of a constant cruising and grazing.
Minimum amount Tank Dimensions:
55 gallon.

Reef Tank Appropriate?: