Friday, September 2, 2011

Yellow Tang Behavior

For a colossal fish the yellow tang is really peaceful with other species of fish, creating them great candidates for a extensive vary of tank setups. As normal, any hostility this fish may have is reserved for other members of the surgeonfish clan. Primarily when dealing with other yellow tangs. Although, considerable ample aquarium can house numerous yellow tangs. Just as extensive as there is adequate breathing area for them all.

Their shoaling conduct in the wild can be witnessed in captivity as effectively. They like to perform "adhere to the leader" exactly where they all adhere to a designated yellow tang to possibly ends of the tank. If you're organizing on trying to keep way more than one particular yellow tang nearly always make positive you introduce them all at the same time. Placing a person in with a different set up a person will at all times carry about aggression somewhere between the two.

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